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Resume Information

A resume is a document that tells others about your level of education and skills.  It can be used to get accepted into colleges and universities, but most often it is used to secure employment.  The resume is many times the only information an employer receives about you before ever seeing you face-to-face, and based on that information, the employer will either contact you to come in for an interview or you will not be considered for an interview due to the appearance of your resume, errors on your resume (even minor ones) or lack of information that demonstrates you are a good match for what the company is looking for. 


Following are two links that will help you as you create your resume.  The first link gives some basic tips and suggestions that you must keep in mind as you prepare your resume.  The second link is a sample resume that you can use as a guide for formatting and layout. 


When you finish your resume, get someone else to look over it and give you feedback.  Your resume must be PERFECT!!


Resume tips and suggestions

Suzie Student sample resume